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Master of Science (MS)


This study will be limited to a general survey of independent study on a national level, but study should be done on the state level relative to this very important facet of individualized instruction as far as personal educative precepts prevail, and as far as the desires of the individual is concerned. Very little, if any research has been made in the state of Kansas. The problem Independent Study will be studied as to the need for independent study, organized efforts being made to meet the need, and individual attempts being made to meet the need. Investigations have been made to find general information on the subject from the following sources: (1) Independent study, and its relative merits from a national viewpoint, College of Wooster, Ohio, and research done by the faculty in that college. (2) To ascertain the general value of independent study. (3) College and high- school drop- outs, and what they do later in independent study to further their education. (4) National Home Study Council "Blue Book," giving list of ac credited correspondence schools. (5) Extension divisions in charge of college correspondence in various colleges. (6) National education association. (7) Adult education council of Greater St. Louis, Missouri. (8) Pennsylvania University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Calvin E. Harbin

Date of Award

Spring 1965

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Thesis - campus only access


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