Submission Guidelines for Master's Theses

Who Can Submit a Thesis?

A student who has completed full review by the graduate school of his or her thesis/field study, and made all necessary changes, may submit their final draft for publication. The graduate school must have approved of your document before you can submit for publication.

Files Submitted Must Meet the Following Guidelines

  • The submitted file must be in the PDF/A format. Click here for instructions on how to create a PDF/A.
  • Your file must be named according to the following convention: Year_LastnameFirstname. e.g. 2018_DeweyMelville.pdf
  • The first page must be signed by the thesis committee. Click here for instructions on how to add scanned pages to an existing .pdf
  • The signed author agreement must be included as the last page of the document. Click here for a copy of the author agreement.

Required Information


Enter the full title of your thesis using Headline Capitalization. e.g. "This Is My Thesis Title"


Enter an email address that you will be using after graduation so you can receive author updates about the usage of your thesis. Enter your name exactly as it is on your thesis. Institution must be Fort Hays State University.

Date of Award

Choose the semester (fall, summer, spring) from the drop down and enter the year as YYYY.

Document Type

This field must be set to Thesis.

Degree Name

Select your degree from the dropdown menu.


Select your department from the dropdown menu.


Enter the title and name of your thesis advisor. e.g. Dr. Lyman Wooster.


Enter up to five keywords or phrases, separated by commas. Do not use words that appear in your title or abstract. Examples include geographical locations, scientific terms, technologies used, or other concepts related to your thesis that will help searchers find your work. Click here for help on creating keywords.

Subject Categories

Select your required subject categories. Click here for the list of required subjects by department. You may add additional subject categories if desired.


Copy and paste your thesis abstract here.


Enter your rights statement as "Copyright [Year] [Author's full name] e.g. Copyright 2018 Melville Dewey

Upload Full Text

To locate your file: Click the Browse button to locate your manuscript on your computer. Your file must meet the requirements listed above in order to be accepted.

Click Submit

After You Submit Your Thesis

If your submission meets all of the technical requirements, you will be notified when your thesis is posted to the FHSU Scholars Repository. If your submission does not meet the technical requirements you will be contacted with instructions on how to resubmit.

If you have questions regarding the thesis submission process, please contact Dr. Keith Bremer at the Graduate School. If you have questions regarding the submission process in the FHSU Scholars Repository please contact the FHSU Scholars Repository.

Congratulations on completing your thesis!