Research, Scholarship and the Institutional Repository at FHSU

The FHSU Scholars Repository seeks to bring together all of the University's research under one umbrella, with an aim to preserve and provide access to that research. At Fort Hays State University, faculty and students are more than teachers and learners—they’re also scholars. FHSU is a place where the symbiotic relationship between teaching and scholarship is not only understood, but also cultivated. We value the Boyer model of scholarship, recognizing that it is more than discovery and includes other vital modes of scholarship

  • Discovery – original research that advances knowledge;
  • Integration – the synthesis of information across disciplines, topics within disciplines, or across time;
  • Application (Engagement) – moving beyond the services duties of faculty to those within or outside the University – involving rigor and disciplinary expertise – sharing with or evaluated by peers; AND
  • Teaching and Learning – systematic study of teaching and learning processes. It requires a format allowing public sharing and the opportunity for application and evaluation by others.

Passionately curious, our faculty and student community regularly pursues scholarly research and creative work. To learn more about research, scholarship, and creative work at FHSU visit

FHSU Scholars Repository is sponsored and maintained by Forsyth Library. It is primarily open access and is designed to make scholarship from the Fort Hays State University community easy to find, share, cite, and use. For more information about FHSU Scholars Repository contact:

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