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Master of Science (MS)


In reviewing the foregoing literature and in consideration of the very important place of the state of Kansas in the nation's production of petroleum, it was thought that possibly a contribution might be made to the general subject of geophysical prospecting for oil by the adoption and execution of the problem proposed by the title of this thesis. Since a similar but more scattered study of this problem had been previously made by Lippert with the use of an electroscope, it was considered worth-while to repeat the electroscopic observations together with Geiger-Mueller Counter observations on a new series of wells for samples of both soil and water, and to determine, if possible, a correlation between the readings of these two instruments. Furthermore, instead of taking a few reading s of many wells scattered over the county, it was thought wiser to take daily samples of a limited number of wells in the same field.


Dr. Harvey A. Zinszer

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Summer 1949

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© 1949 Milford W. Johnston


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