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Soon after the discovery of Becquerel rays in 1896, tests were made on ordinary matter to see if all matter were radioactive. Although there is evidence to show that all matter is radioactive, to a degree and under certain conditions, it has been found that the greater part of the observable effect is due to traces of radioactive material permeating all matter in general. Thus, radium and its products being the most active of radioactive substances, the surface of the earth is covered with traces of these radioactive substances but the amount varies from place to place. Moreover, determinations of radioactivity have been made in relatively few localities. Besides the scientific interest pertaining to radium and its products, there is another, the therapeutical interest. It has been found that the noted European and American springs and baths show an unusual amount of radioactivity. Hence, the theory has been advanced that the curative properties of these springs are due to the radioactivity of the water. Since little work has been carried out on in this part of the country on the radioactive properties of subterranean waters, the following problem was thought worthy of consideration: To determine the radioactive properties of the subterranean waters of Ellis County, Kansas; to determine the relation between these properties and depth, if nay; to determine the half-life period of emanation; and, to determine the relation between the natural leak and the relative humidity, if any.


Dr. Harvey A. Zinzer

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Spring 1937

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