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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Time and space, as commonly understood, have been marked, measured, and mandated since early man scribed stones with symbols of suns, moons, and seasons. Solar and lunar movements are still central to the contemporary view of time and space. This show, on a personal conceptual level, is linked to the idea of passing through time and space. The content has been influenced by artifacts created by ancient people as well as by the more contemporary images of electronic and optical technologies. The materials used in the making of the pieces for this show include the traditional stone, bronze and wood as well as the more contemporary aluminum. The pieces for this show were carved, cast, soldered and riveted in order to reflect a feeling of the past, the present, and perhaps, the future. This show also represents a point in time and space for the artist. The trip, begun decades ago and thousands of miles away, is now complete and maybe it is time to start again.


Joanne Harwick

Date of Award

Spring 1991

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Thesis - campus only access


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