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Master of Science (MS)


Morphometric and electrophoretic variation within and among adjacent demes of Peromyscus leucopus were assessed. Seven samples from five demes, located in Russell County, Kansas, were used in analyses of spatial and temporal variation. Morphometric results revealed little difference among demes or from one year to the next. Results from analyses of allelic frequencies were similar, but exhibited greater variation than those from morphometric characters. There was no congruence between the two data sets. These results show evidence of either gene flow among demes or similar selective pressures on all demes, or both. Both explanations are likely because there were no insurmountable barriers to dispersal among demes and all demes were within three miles of each other, precluding any significant environmental differences. The apparent lack of correlation between the two data sets might be due to the insensitivity of current statistical methods employed. An alternate explanation, however, is that the metabolic enzymes used in the electrophoretic analyses are either independent of, or only a part of, the gene complex or complexes involved in the phenotypic expression of the morphological characters examined in this study.


Jerry R. Choate

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Summer 1983

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