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Thesis - campus only access

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Summer 1973

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Master of Science (MS)




R. L. Dressler


Three attempts to synthesize acequinoline have been investigated and proven unsuccessful. Cyclization of indan-1-ylacetamide to obtain the basic ring structure via an abnormal Hofmann degradation reaction has been studied at various temperatures and reaction conditions. Although the Hofmann reaction was not successful, it does show possibilities of yielding the desired product. A second attempt to synthesize the basic ring structure using indan-1-ylacetohydroxamic acid and a strong acid was unsuccessful and shows very little promise for yielding acequinoline. Modification of the second reaction using indan-1-ylacetohydroxamie acid and heat did not yield the desired product, but does show possibilities as a method of producing 3-azacenaphthene, which is an isomer of acequinoline.


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Copyright 1973 Jay Spicer

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