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Master of Science (MS)


Man, from the moment he is mature enough to perform higher order intellectual tasks, begins to form opinions, attitudes and concepts about the different occurrences within his environment. An attitude will be defined here as an organized and consistent manner of thinking, feeling and reacting with regard to people, groups, social issues or more generally any event in one's environment. The essential components of an attitude are the basic thoughts, values, beliefs, feelings or emotions attached to it and the tendency to make some response or behavior based on the attitude. In our culture, people readily form opinions and attitudes about different professional persons (such as physicians, lawyers, or psychologists). These attitudes then influence the interpersonal relationship between the professional and the layman. There can be a positive or negative association formed with these different experiences.


Phyllis G. Tiffany

Date of Award

Summer 1972

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Thesis - campus only access


© 1972 Charles R. Foxx Jr.


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