Teacher-Scholar: The Journal of the State Comprehensive University

Aims & Scope

Published annually, Teacher-Scholar is a fully interdisciplinary journal focused on any and all issues pertaining to State Comprehensive Universities. Thus, we welcome submissions in the wide range of genres, including but not limited to the following:

  1. Articles offering original research from data collected by the author(s) or with unique data analysis conducted by the author(s) - irrespective of methodology - on any facet of State Comprehensive Universities. Submissions derived from theses/disserations and conference presentations are welcomed.
  2. Articles focused on best practices for State Comprehensive Universities. Submissions in this category should be specifically tied to the learning environments of State Comprehensive Universities. Such practices should be thoroughly described, including outcomes from the practice. Additionally, the best practice should be situated within relevant and recent scholarly literature.
  3. Book reviews of monographs or essay collections focused on State Comprehensive Universities (or publications generally about higher education where the reviewer turns the focus to State Comprehensive Universities). Before writing a book review, contact the Editor to see whether the work in question is a) appropriate to the focus of Teacher-Scholar and b) still available for review.