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Political Science

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Master of Science (MS)


A general social background analysis is a collection of biographical data of a small group and a comparison of this data to each member within that group. Divisions according to any set of collected characteristics may be used as the basis for further comparison and observation of the group. This thesis is intended to apply a general social background analysis to the Kansas Supreme Court from 1861 to 1965 which will analyze characteristics of the justices in order to determine a "collective portrait" for the Court. It does not in any way take into consideration subjective factors such as "why" a specific Governor chooses a certain candidate, voter awareness and voter appraisal of candidates and their background, and/or the effects of such things as incumbency or concurring political movements on the shaping and choosing of the Supreme Court.


John U. Tomlinson

Date of Award

Summer 1966

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Thesis - campus only access


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