Master's Theses

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Thesis - campus only access

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Summer 1966

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Master of Science (MS)




Dr. Joel C. Moss


Good form is essential in sculpture. Forms endowed with a sensitive relationship between positive and negative areas give innumerable possibilities to the use of the silhouette in bringing forth a form. The work in this thesis is concerned with creating a significant form, accented with a vigorous play on the positive and negative areas of the silhouette. These space relations emphasize the detail instead of the texture. At the same time the form reflects a statement, generally of an iconic nature. The work shown that follows this introduction serves as testimony to the idea as it emerges into its climax. In reviewing the evolution of this work it must be pointed out that no clear-cut plan was used to obtain its end. By experimenting with a wide range of materials and techniques incorporating various statements, a level has been reached whereby the creator has gained temporary satisfaction in the overall content of the work. Brief statements will accompany each photograph and correlate each piece's importance to the final level of content.


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Copyright 1966 Jack E. Alumbaugh

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