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Education Specialist (Ed.S)


The successful implementation of e-learning strategies into the learning process is not a new idea. Education was first introduced to the concept of digital natives using technological tools to learn over a decade ago now, and yet we remain a nation struggling to come to terms with the educational potential of technology. It is true, that the past ten years has seen a significant integration of hardware into the classroom; the question must be asked however, whether this has been wastefully accomplished by many schools, without predetermined planning or the development of strategic outcomes for its use. Merely, introducing these new technologies into the classroom does little to address the needs of students -- while it might create a welcome instructional environment for them, it does not address the compelling ""elephant in the room."" Being able to orchestrate a student-centered, technology-rich lesson requires much expertise on the part of the teacher and a system-wide universally acknowledged educational technology plan. This study will examine the paradigm shift required of teachers and the practical reality of adopting a blended learning environment to meet the needs of a diverse school district.

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Summer 2013

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