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Master of Science (MS)


This thesis reports research concerning the services rendered by the Fort Hays Kansas State College Psychological Service Center. Its main purpose was to collect information to determine the effectiveness of these services. It attempted (1) to discover the behavioral changes that had taken place in children who were seen at the Fort Hays Clinic during the fiscal year 1961-62, two years prior to this study, (2) to determine if these behavioral changes were more or less adaptive than those displayed in 1961 and 1962, and (3) to draw some general conclusions about the nature of these changes and the part the Fort Hays Clinic played in bringing them about. Information about each child’s condition at the time of the study was obtained by means of questionnaires sent to parents and other parties. Twenty-eight (28) children met the survey method’s requirements and became the N. Parents, various second parties, and judges all took part in the process of determining if improvement had taken place; if the clinic’s services played a role in the final outcome; and if the parents and second parties considered the trip they had made to the clinic as worthwhile. The general conclusions reacted were these: (1) a high percentage of the children showed improvement, (2) the clinic’s services most likely played a role in the outcome, and (3) these services are considered worthwhile by the parents and other parties. Other questions of experimental interest were discussed and ways to improve the survey method were suggested.


William F. Gwynn

Date of Award

Summer 1963

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Thesis - campus only access


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