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The primary purpose of the investigation was to develop a functional shop and home mechanics course for junior high school girls. A secondary purpose was the determining of the grade level in which to present the course to junior high school girls. A questionnaire was used to gather data from seventy-two former girl students who had taken shop for at least one year during the school years 1952 through 1963. Fifty-two girls returned the questionnaire which was a response of 71.1 per cent. Eighty-five activities were included in the survey. This questionnaire was developed from a review of the literature in the industrial arts field. A review of the literature was used to establish the most opportune time for presenting the course. Criteria used to determine course content were: 1. Jobs which were checked by over 60 per cent of the former girl students should be in the course content. 2. Jobs which were selected by at least 40 per cent but by less than 60 per cent, of the former students, should be used as supplementary material at a later time. 3. Jobs chosen by less than 40 per cent of the former students should be dropped from the course list. On the basis of the data obtained, forty-two activities were selected for shop and home mechanics course material. The items chosen were in the following numerical rank: Upholstery, with three items; plumbing, with four items; finishing, seven activities; electricity, with four items; miscellaneous, with nine items; automobiles, seven items; and woodworking with seven activities. It was apparent from the replies received, that the former students considered shop an important part of the school curriculum. The respondents who were older seemed to prefer a more practical course of work. The younger members did not want the course curriculum to become too practical as they wished art and hobby crafts to be emphasized also. Nearly 60 per cent of the respondents thought the shop course should be a required course for at least one year. From a review of the literature and partial data from the respondents, it appeared that the shop course should be given during the eighth grade. Nearly 80 per cent of the respondents were in favor of giving grades for all shop work completed. Woodworking ranked last in order of popularity so it would seem that this phase should be emphasized less than other areas. A review of the literature seems to indicate a definite trend toward girls being more actively involved in the industrial arts program. School administrators are becoming more concerned with providing some type of industrial arts experience for junior high girls.


W. Clement Wood

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Summer 1963

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Thesis - campus only access


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