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Summer 1960

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Master of Science (MS)




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The purpose of this study was to discover the value of the School and College Ability Test and the Tyler-Kimber Study Skills Test in predicting grade point averages. In addition, it was intended to determine whether the two tests used jointly would lead to a better predictor of college success than just the scores of the SCAT alone. In order to find answers to these questions the following correlations were felt to be necessary: (1) Correlations between the SCAT and the Tyler-Kimber, (2) Correlations between the SCAT and student grade point averages, (3) Correlations between the Tyler-Kimber and student grade point averages, (4) A multiple correlation of the SCAT and Tyler-Kimber with student grade point averages, and (5) a comparison of the Fort Hays mean scores on the SCAT and the Tyler-Kimber with those of the standardization group on which the tests were standardized.


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