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Master of Science (MS)


This paper reports a study of one aspect of perseveration learning theory. Three assumptions led to this study. The first was the theory that the perseveration of neural activity initiated by a learning stimulus results in the removal of calcium from brain tissues. The second assumption leading to this study was that electroshock will initiate neural activity that is similar to the neural activity created by a learning stimulus. The third assumption was that electroshock might be a faster way to produce neural change than would a learning stimulus. The subjects were 46 naive hooded and albino rats. The subjects were divided into matched experimental and control groups, 23 animals in each group. The experimental group was administered electroshock through the head by alligator clips attached to the ears. Each experimental subject was administered 200 shocks. After 200 shocks had been administered, all of the animals were sacrificed and the brains were removed and analyzed. The results of the analyses of the brains were treated statistically by the two-tailed signs test. There was no significant difference between the actual results and those which would have been expected by chance.


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Spring 1958

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