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Master of Science (MS)


This study was primarily concerned with a comparison of cancer tissue with normal tissue. All cells have a characteristic structure with variation in different tissues to enable them to perform different functions. Aside from these variations, major differences are present in relation of cells to each other and within the individual cell to allow certain masses of cells to be a carcinoma, and other masses to remain normal. Malignant tumors, if left untreated, always kill no matter where they occur. This study was made of cancerous and normal tissue obtained from post-mortems. The tissues were prepared and studied by t he author and comparisons were made. Because of the difficulty of obtaining human cancerous tissue in any quantities and of grades of malignancy other than grade 4, which was easily obtained because it usually results in death, the author made a comparison of only that grade to normal tissue. Other studies consisted of an examination of literature published by the National Cancer Research Society and other appropriate literature. The investigation was concentrated on the morphological changes in cells but some study on growth and differentiation was made in order to better understand the morphological changes due to cancer.


Dr. Edwin P. Martin

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Spring 1953

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