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Spring 1952

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Master of Science (MS)




Dr. Raymond L. Welty


This work is an attempt to evaluate the impact of John R. Brinkley on the history of Kansas. It is not a definitive study of any phase of his life. Rather it is, within the limitations of available material, an attempt to gain a closer, truer look of the man and his activities, during the period of conflict that he engendered in Kansas. The material for this study has been brought together from a myriad of sources. Of particular importance is the biography of John R. Brinkley, The Life of A Man, by Clement Wood, the files and scrapbook of Ernest A. Dewey, and W. G. Clugston’s Rascals in Democracy. Newspapers of this state and others printed millions of words about Brinkley. The files of the Kansas City Star give a running account of his activities in Kansas, and practically all daily papers through their Associated Press service have given many columns to the career of Brinkley.


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