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Master of Science (MS)


Kansas, as well as the other forty-seven states, assisted by the Federal Government, has long recognized the need for the caring of the physical well-being of its children. To this end monetary appropriations and various agencies have been set up by legislation to provide food, shelter, and clothing for children whose parents could not provide these essentials. This has been done for those who needed medical care and other physical corrections as well as for those whose mentality has not developed to an extent to permit them to make their way among normal people. However, “Man shall not live by bread alone,” While physical and mental health are paramount., the mind as well as the body needs to be trained so that an individual may live a fuller life. The old idea that a warped body must house a warped mind has been discarded. The real crux to the situation is that too frequently an excellent mind has been cudgeled and frustrated because its encasing clay has not permitted it to take part in the normal activities of living. What has been done to assist children handicapped in such a way as to prevent their attending regular public schools and securing a normal education? The purpose of this thesis is to trace The Growth of the Educational Program in Kansas for Handicapped Children. The thesis proposes to trace legal provisions covering the education of handicapped children as found in legislation, both territorial and state, in Kansas up to the present time. Furthermore, the thesis will explore what state institutions and other agencies have done to assist in the education of handicapped children.


Dr. Robert T. McGrath

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Summer 1950

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