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Economics, Finance, & Accounting

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Master of Science (MS)


It is the purpose of this thesis to present a discussion of the history and development of the fraternal beneficiary societies, which make up one of the few distinct types of organizations that offer protection from financial loss resulting from physical disability or premature death. Chapter II will give a brief resume of the age-old principle of fraternalism, or brotherhood, from pre-historic times to the present. A general history of fraternal life insurance organizations in the United States will make up Chapter III. A study of the fraternal insurance law of the State of Kansas , including state regulation and some of the major court decisions, will be discussed in Chapter IV. Chapter V will give some of the present-day benefits, other than cash insurance protection, that are provided by the fraternal benefit societies.


Dr. Leonard W. Thompson

Date of Award

Spring 1949

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© 1949 Dollie B. Thomas


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