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The development of schools in the various counties throughout Western Kansas is often taken as a matter of course by many people. However, the growth that has taken place since the first school was conducted in a dugout or maybe in a sodhouse out on the prairie which had to be guarded against Indian attacks and buffalo herds, to our present elaborate and modern system of education is not a mere matter of incidence. Every student of political science considers the period of settlement on the western prairie as one of the most interesting and courageous in American history. Likewise, the student in education is highly interested in the establishment of pioneer schools; the hardships, trials, and tribulations of the period. He is also interested in the course of study prescribed at that time and the trends in education from then to the present. The problem in this study is to recapture in so far as may be obtained essential facts and data concerning the evolution of schools in Phillips County, Kansas, that is, to trace the story of growth. To be more specific the problem of the thesis is the portrayal of The Evolution of Schools in Phillips County, Kansas.


Dr. Robert T. McGrath

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Summer 1949

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