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Summer 1949

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Master of Science (MS)




Dr. Robert T. McGrath


Much discussion has taken place concerning the value of the vocabulary as an aid in attaining knowledge. There are those who believe an individual having a large vocabulary will also rank high in intelligence. The point bas been raised, by teachers and laymen, as to whether an individual, regardless of extreme high or low intelligence, will do better work in the subjects in which his vocabulary is large than in the subjects in which his vocabulary is scant. If a higher correlation results between the vocabulary of an individual and his final semester grades in the subjects in which he possess as a large vocabulary, than in the subjects in which his vocabulary is slight, the probability is that the vocabulary serves as an aid in the attainment of knowledge. It is out of such questions as these and others which might be raised that the problem of t hi s thesis arose, which stated specifically is: The Relation of Vocabulary to Intelligence and Semester Grades of College Freshmen.


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