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Master of Science (MS)


Among recent trends in education at the collegiate level is that which pertains to the use of placement tests for entering freshmen in college. Many colleges in different parts of the nation have made use of these entrance tests. Among these schools we find Fort Hays Kansas State College. The question of the value of the use of such tests might very properly be raised. Do placement tests really fulfill their function? Should freshmen be exempted from certain basic courses if they make or exceed stipulated scores on the tests? Or should freshmen be required to take the basic courses to give them a better foundation in the various subjects? It is out of such questions as these that the basis for this study arose. Specifically stated, the problem of the thesis is to determine some of the values of the placement tests used by Fort Hays Kansas State College, and whether or not they really fulfill their function.


Dr. Robert T. McGrath

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Summer 1949

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© 1949 Claud J. Bray


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