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Education Specialist (Ed.S)


Studies have examined the influence sexual self-concept, sexual self schema, and motivations for engaging in sex with women's sexual experience. However, no research prior to the current study has examined these factors together to examine positive dimensions of women's sexuality. Measures of women's sexual self schema, sexual self-concept, and motives for engaging in sexual intercourse were examined as they related to participant's sexual experience, year in school, and age. A total of 216 females from Fort Hays State University completed measures of sexual self-concept, sexual self schema, sex motives, and sexual experiences. It was hypothesized that age would be associated with positive self-concepts and self schemas. Additionally, women who engaged in sexual intercourse for approach motives were hypothesized to have more positive sexual self concepts and sexual self schemas. Results indicate sexual self schema and sexual self-concept are similar constructs. Also, results showed that positive sexual self-concept, positive sexual self schema, and sexual experience were associated with approach motives. Additionally, positive sexual self-concept was associated with sexual experience. Implications for these findings and the need for further research in these areas are discussed.


Carol L. Patrick

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Summer 2009

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