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Master of Science (MS)


This report is the result of several weeks of intensive study and investigation in the field and in the laboratory. In making this study of the rocks of Osborne County, Kansas, the writer is concerned chiefly with the chemistry of the rooks rather than with their geological formation. He has not attempted to make a complete analysis of the rocks, but has limited his investigation in order to determine certain facts concerning their line content. He has attempted to determine the consistency of the percentage of lime in a given member in various parts of the county and also of different beds of a given member in the same locality. He has also investigated the possibility of the existence of limestone of a percentage sufficiently high to be used for cattle feeding and for the manufacture of lime. As far as the writer has been able to determine, there has been no such analysis made for this particular locality previous to this time.


Dr. Roy Rankin

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Spring 1939

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© 1939 Herman D. Search


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