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Master of Science (MS)


The purpose of this study was twofold: (a) to determine the relation between personality traits and motives among college athletes and (b) to determine the relation of traits and motives to the demographics collected. Subjects were 85 NCAA Division II athletes from Fort Hays State University. All participants completed a Background Information Sheet, a Big Five inventory questionnaire, and a Reiss Profile questionnaire. Regression analyses indicated that Order, Physical Exercise, and Family significantly related to Neuroticism. F (3,82)= 9.37, p<.001. Social Contact, Order, and Power motives showed a significant relation to Extraversion, F (3,82)= 17.519, p<.001. Curiosity, Order, and Power provided a significant relation to Openness, F (3,82)= 25.645, p<.001. Physical Activity, Eating, Order, Savings, Vengeance, and Curiosity indicated a significant relation to Conscientiousness, F (6,79)= 11.866, p<.001Vengeance and Social Contact showed a significant relation to Agreeableness, F (2,83)= 38.868, /1<.00 I. Results of a MANOVA indicated significant differences between the gender and team type on Extraversion and Conscientiousness. Results of a MANOVA indicated significant differences between the gender on personality motives Romance, F (2,83)= 14.186, p<.001, and Vengeance , F (2,83)= 12.016, p<.001. Team type (individual, team, or two sport) and motives Idealism, F (2,83)= 3.638, p<.05 and Eating with, F (2,83)= 4.601, p<.05 were also significant. The potential theoretical and empirical value of these findings was discussed.


Robert Markley

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Spring 2004

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