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The present field study was an archival study that used an adapted version of the Parents as Reading Tutors program utilizing cross-age tutors instead of parents. The study was conducted by a school psychologist employed by the Hays Unified School District. Participants in the study included 40 second grade students enrolled in a five week summer school session. Twenty of these participants were randomly assigned to the treatment group and 20 to the control group. However, only 22 students were included in the study at the end of the tutoring sessions after subject drop out. Students were administered pre- and post-test curriculum-based measurement probes at the beginning and at the conclusion of the study. Actual tutoring sessions consisted of students reading orally from age appropriate reading books of their choice. Students were excluded from the study if they did not participate in either pre- or post-testing, or d1d not participate in at least one-half of the reading tutoring sessions. After participant drop out, eleven of these subjects remained in the reading tutoring group, and 11 remained in the control group. Informed consent of the participants was obtained by a letter written to each student's parents upon enrollment into the summer school program. The study was conducted during the five-week time span that summer school was in session. Gains in reading fluency rate were measured by pre-and post-test curriculum-based measurement reading scores. This study attempted to demonstrate that a tutoring program in reading improves student's oral reading fluency scores. Results indicated no significant difference between the treatment and control groups on improvement in reading fluency rates, or between the number of days the students received peer tutoring and the subsequent gains in reading fluency rate.


Amy Claxton Kallam

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Summer 2000

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