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Economics, Finance, & Accounting

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Master of Science (MS)


This topic has been chosen because of an interest in the economic and social conditions of the present day and a desire to know just how much the changing events of the world’s history during the past twenty five years have affected our attitudes toward certain economic problems. In order to do this, five fields of interest were chosen. These are, banking practice and legislation, agriculture, public finance, labor problems and trusts. I have attempted to draw some conclusions which will show a definite trend toward certain attitudes of thinking of the present day which are different from the attitudes towards those same problems in 1910. This survey is concerned only with the changes in the United States. While the trends of some of these problems in foreign countries may have been similar, there has not been time to consider them here. The period 1910-1935 has been chosen as covering the pre-war period, and the period following the war. Changes made since 1929 have especially been noted.


Dr. E.R. McCartney

Date of Award

Spring 1937

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© 1937 Mary Elizabeth Williams


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