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Master of Science (MS)


The theory of determinants is a relatively new branch of mathematics; it was not firmly established until a brief 200 years ago. It was not until the middle of the 18th century that Cramer, one of the independent discoverers of the fundamental idea, was fortunate enough to attract attention to the theory of determinants. Much of the literature is written on the assumption that its reader has a good background in the subject. Then other authors just give the fundamental properties of determinants without proof of their statements. These latter authors are not interested in the mathematical theory of determinants, but are interested only in using them as a tool. In this thesis no attempt is made to cover the entire field of the theory of determinants, but an attempt is made to summarize the material in certain phases of the theory of determinants. This monograph is divided into the following parts: (1) A brief history of the early development s in the theory of determinants. (2) The statement and proof of the general properties of determinants, and the definition of the common terms. (3) A brief treatment of the most common special forms of determinants. (4) A few of the many applications of determinants and an indication of others in various phases of mathematics and other sciences.


Dr. W.G. Warnock

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Spring 1937

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© 1937 William Ralph Eikelberger


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