Master's Theses

Date of Award

Summer 1993

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Advanced Education Programs


Michael Kallam


The purpose of this study was to investigate school violence and its effects on secondary teachers in rural Kansas settings. The subjects were chosen from 8 rural Kansas school districts. Demographic information was included on all surveys; this information consisted of gender, ethnic identification, years of teaching, population of school, and type of school where respondent was teaching. The survey instrument consisted of 12 statements; a likert scale was used so teachers could reflect degree of feeling toward each statement. A comment section was attached to the survey so teachers could reflect personal experiences and emotions about violence in the schools. Information provided by respondents surveys and comments indicated that teachers felt violence in the rural schools is a growing dilemma that is not being handled effectively. Respondents acknowledged that violent students are causing stress and a decrease in job satisfaction for teachers. The research reflected attitudes that teachers are not properly trained to handle violent students, and violent/hostile students do not receive effective punishment for their behavior.


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