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Master of Science (MS)


The development of the art of a people is closely inter-woven with the history and society of that group; the histories and societies of communities are very nearly parallel in the steps of human progress - even taking into consideration the complex cumulative character of progress and the subsequent advantages of later civilizations over old; so that, viewed as a whole or in sections, each normal development of art goes through fundamental states true alike in every other normal art-development. Art reflects in its development the society which produces it. For example, the evolution of art in the state of Missouri reflects the society which produced it, subject, of course, to the influence of previous art-evolution and the contemporary art with which it has had contacts. World art reflects the society of mankind throughout the ages. Each civilization, or segment thereof, in its turn - or simultaneously with another - produces and offers to the world its art. Through its art a civilization gives of its individuality and, if another art in its evolution has reached a point at which it can be sensitive to it, the essence of that individuality given may act upon that art which may, as a result, be enriched.


Dr. Robert T. McGrath

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Spring 1933

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