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Master of Science (MS)


In general this thesis is a survey of the teaching of Physical Education in the schools of Western Kansas, together with recommendations and suggestions for its improvement as the data warrants. The specific purposes of the study are these: first, to discover the extent to which Physical Education is offered in the schools of Western Kansas; second, to ascertain the personal and professional qualifications of the Physical Education directors; third, to determine the amount of Physical Education work required of each student in order to complete a high school course; fourth, to discover if room, equipment, and supplies are furnished by the school authorities in order to carry on the work; fifth, to discover what percent of the student body in these schools receive direct benefit from courses offered in Physical Education; and sixth, to determine a standard of achievement for students of Physical Education.


Dr. Robert T. McGrath

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Spring 1932

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© 1932 William McMullen


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