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Summer 1985

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Master of Science (MS)


Health and Human Performance


Barry Lavay


The purpose of this investigation was to establish validity and reliability on the Creative Movement/Dance Analysis (CM/DA). A review of the literature indicated this study is one the few to address the issue of assessment within the realm of movement/dance. The CM/DA was designed to provide elementary school physical educators with a means of movement/dance which are space, effort, and time. Prior to data six CM/DA movement and rhythm tasks. The test subjects represented high and low performance levels for each elementary grade level (1-5). The first investigative procedure determined face validity on the CM/DA. A detailed instrumentation outline was sent to a panel of eight experts all of whom were professionals active in some aspect of movement/dance education. Each movement specialist critiqued the instrument’s validity second investigative procedure determined internal consistency on the CM/DA. A group of six judges during two sessions observed the previously videotaped DM/DA tasks while utilizing a frequency count procedure in order to score the child’s variety in using the elements of creative movement /dance. All of the six certified elementary school physical educators teaching in the Unified School District 489 of Hays, Kansas during the 1984-85 school year participated as judges. The final investigative procedure was a retest measure that determined test/retest reliability on the CM/DA. Four out of the six judges returned one week alter for a repeat evaluation which followed the same data gathering procedures as the first observation session. Data form the first two investigative procedures were analyzed by chi square techniques. Pearson product-moment correlation was used to analyze the test/retest data. The findings pertaining to face validity and internal consistency revealed non-significance (p < .05). Analysis of the test/retest data; and second CM/DA test scores by all four judges. Therefore, the Creative Movement/Dance Analysis can only report intra-rater reliability.


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