Master's Theses

Date of Award

Summer 1985

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Social Work


Bill Daley


The purpose of the researcher was to evaluate the effect of implementation procedures upon self-esteem and the relationship of self-esteem to academic achievement and tested abilities. The subjects consisted of three groups of fourth grade students. There were 22 students in each group. The groups were selected for study because of geographical and temporal convenience. The instrument used to evaluate the students’ self-esteem was the Self-Esteem Inventory, (SEI) by Coopersmith. The design employed was a pretest posttest two group with a third group of posttest only. The third group was employed to determine if pretests had an effect. A total of 8 hypotheses were tested consisting of 12 comparisons. One hypothesis was tested with an analysis of covariance for each of the five SEI subscales. Two hypotheses were tested pertaining to correlation coefficients and one hypothesis was tested to determine pretest effect. The findings of this study seem to indicate that the specific implementation procedures employed were ineffective in changing student self-esteem.


Copyright 1985 Jonathan Ansley


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