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Master of Science (MS)


It was the purpose of this study to investigate the effect of overdistance training versus one type of cross-training (swimming, cycling, and running) on 10 kilometer road race performance of male and female young adults. The study was conducted at Fort Hays State University during the spring of 1984. The subjects were volunteers (N=23) and were systematically assigned to two groups, an overdistance (ODT) group and a cross-training (CT) group. All subjects were asked to be able to swim one half mile non-stop. The training program for the ODT group consisted of a 5 day per week period of running for approximately 50 to 75 minutes at 60 to 85% of their maximal attainable heart rate. The training program for the CT group was of the same duration and frequency as the DDT program. Duration of the experiment was 8 weeks. Frequency of injury was tallied for the duration of training. The 23 subjects were pretested at the 10k distance on an indoor track. Throughout the training period, the number of subjects declined until the final number of subjects participating in the post test 10k was 12 (N-4, DDT ; N-8, CT). The mean (X) age of the final group was 24.58 (OOT=27.25, CT=23.2¬). The posttest 10k times of these 12 were subjected to an analysis of covariance with the pretest serving as the covariate. There was no significant difference between the CT and DOT groups on 10k times (p > .05). Because of the resulting low sample size, a post hoc median test was utilized to compare posttest times. There was no significant difference between the CT and DDT groups on posttest 10k times (P .05). One injury was recorded as a result of the ODT training. No injuries were reported in the CT group. No conclusions were made. It was concluded from the results and within the limitations of this study that there was no significant difference between overdistance training and cross-training following the 8 week experimental period.


Mark Giese

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Summer 1984

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