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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


My current work in clay uses the concept of the vessel as a focal point or central axis within or around which develops a sculptural image. These sculptural images are often whimsical, mystical, or satirical statements about shelters, structures, flight, and mobility. Using wheel thrown, slab, and extruded parts in a manner similar to assemblage, the finished form is developed by impulse to arrive at a final statement. Within the pieces I have combined the wheel thrown vessel in whole or in part with the handbuilt slabs and extruded “parts”. The slab forms represent roofs and floors in the shelters, and become wings in many of the other pieces. The extruded “parts” take on many representations including poles, angle iron, and u-bolts. In addition, handbuilt rivets, nuts, and wheels are integral parts of some pieces. Combining a recognized clay form with forms that, although created from clay, are normally made from a variety of other materials, creates an intriguing juxtaposition. Using a low fire clay body, the completed sculpture is often finished by underglazing, glazing, or painting; although in some pieces a metallic stain has been used. Preference is given to the white or transparent glazes, as I feel color at this time is subordinate to the form itself.


John Thorns, Jr.

Date of Award

Spring 1982

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Thesis - campus only access


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