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Fall 1978

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Master of Science (MS)




Judith C. Vogt


A protocol was developed to isolate and identify anaerobic bacteria from surgical specimens. This scheme incorporated specialized media, biochemical tests, a miniaturized biochemical differentiation system, gas liquid chromatography, and the use of a flexible anaerobic glove box. Twenty-five specimens of gallbladder bile were cultured for anaerobes and aerobes. Eleven specimens (44%) were positive, eight (32%) contained at least one anaerobe, and five (20%) grew anaerobes only. Of the 13 anaerobic isolates, Clostridium spp. were most frequently recovered (61.5%). Fourteen miscellaneous surgical specimens also were cultured for anaerobes and aerobes. All 14 specimens were positive, nine (64.3%) grew anaerobes, and three (21.4%) contained anaerobes only. Bacteroides spp. were the most commonly recovered anaerobes (32.1%) from the 28 anaerobic isolates. This study demonstrates the effectiveness of the protocol used for the isolation and identification of anaerobic bacteria.


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