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Master of Science (MS)


Lawrence Kohlberg states that there is no valid psychological definition of moral behavior which considers external behavior alone; moral behavior is unrelated to social rules. Behavior is considered moral when it is consistent with the decision resulting from the preceding moral reasoning. Current research which compared antisocial or delinquent adolescents with their normal counterparts seems to indicate that there is a relationship between externally defined moral behavior and the level of moral reasoning. There was no extension of this area of research to include adult psychiatric inpatient groups in the literature reviewed. Using Kohlberg's Moral Judgment Scale this study compared the Moral Maturity Scores of two psychiatric inpatient groups of 20 adult males each; criminal and non-criminal. There were no significant differences between the Moral Maturity Scores of the two groups. The data were discussed in terms of their contributions to current theory and strategies for future research.


Daniel Kaeck

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Spring 1978

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Thesis - campus only access


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