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Master of Science (MS)


This study investigated the role that data-based feedback given to a teacher has in the successful application of a packaged program. Three classrooms were selected, each of which contained two emotionally disturbed children. Each teacher was trained in the use of a packaged program during a two-week period in which questions were answered and techniques explained as needed. After training the teacher received no data-based feedback concerning the success with which the packaged program was applied. The effectiveness with which the teacher modified appropriate teacher attention, inappropriate teacher attention, and inappropriate classroom behavior was ascertained by comparing baseline rates of these behaviors with post-treatment rates. It was found that the no feedback condition was not successful in the first classroom, partially successful in the second classroom, and very successful in the third classroom. It was suggested that classroom change might serve as a form of feedback which reinforces new teacher behavior. In addition, an evaluation of teacher qualities beforehand would indicate the condition under which a packaged program may be successfully applied.


Daniel Kaeck

Date of Award

Spring 1977

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Thesis - campus only access


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