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Master of Science (MS)


The present study was an attempt to assess the effects of a systematic mental health program in an elementary school. Three variables were considered: the child's emotional adjustment; group interaction; and the teacher's rating of each student's behavior. Changes of these variables were assessed by the use of a human figure drawing, a sociometric device, and a behavior rating scale. Subjects for this study consisted of 88 subjects enrolled in the second and fourth grade of two parochial school s in Ellis County. St. Joseph's Elementary School, Hays, was designated as the experimental school, St. Mary's, Ellis, as the control school. All classes were administered the sociogram and human figure drawing. The teacher was asked to fill out the AML Behavior Rating Scale of each child. Following this pre-testing period, the Developing Understanding of Self and Others (DUSO) program was utilized for twelve weeks in the experimental school. The same instruments were used in a post-testing session. Data was analyzed assessing the amount of change in the dependent variables could be attributed to the independent variable (DUSO). The results were expected to reveal that a mental health program could improve a child's emotional adjustment, reduce the number of students rejected by classmates, and reduce those behaviors viewed as inappropriate by the teachers. Results showed that in the experimental class there was a significant change in group process as measured by the sociometric device. There was also a positive change in teachers' perceptions of student behavior as noted on improved behavioral ratings. No change in self- perception was found with the Human Figure Drawing. In the control classroom, either no significant change or a significantly negative change was noted both with the sociogram and the teacher rating scale.


Phyllis G. Tiffany

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Fall 1976

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Thesis - campus only access


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