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Master of Arts (MA)


The first purpose of this basic rhetorically-focused writing module is to aid in classroom instruction. There are no texts for seventh, eighth or ninth grades presently available to carry the student step by step through the writing process. Instructors usually explain what kind of written assignment they want, and then they request the students to write-- and be creative. Where does this leave the student? Where does he get ideas? When should he stop thinking and start writing? How does he come up with ideas on an assigned topic? How are these ideas put together into a coherent piece of writing?--and then there's creativity. How in the world can one become a creative as well as a good writer? This module is designed to answer these questions. A second purpose is to furnish a model of ideas and simplified techniques for developing other rhetorically-focused writing modules, modules not designed to simply teach rules but modules that will aid in the understanding of the writing process and develop effective and forceful writers. Each section of this thesis will provide, in addition to lesson plan suggestions, a discussion of theory and classroom resource material. Several works were consulted.


John R. Doggett

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Spring 1975

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