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Master of Arts (MA)


The title of this thesis infers the scheme of my subject matter. The term “Stopping the World” is referring to the capture of a moment of time, and also equally important, the capture of the emotional vibration which is immanent of that subject. The style of the painting is representational as interpreted with an exaggerated palette. The application and the quality of the paint is of a primary importance to me, as well as interesting and unique subject matter and composition. In some cases the handling of paint and its intrinsic qualities become more important than the subject or design. Once the idea or impression is established, I draw- it directly on the canvas with little preliminary sketching before I begin working on the painting. The drawing on the canvas is usually done with a small or short bristle brush, in Thalo Blue, or a mixture of Cadmium Red, and Burnt Umber, rather than chalk or charcoal. After the composition is set up, I wash over the major areas with the appropriate colors. In my recent works I have begun utilizing this under painting With its quick and fresh qualities along with the building up of the, and "painterly" application of t he medium. That medium which can be best used to my advantage is the water base acrylic paint. It facilitates my method of quick application of paint, and style of working, through its fast drying ability. This fast drying allows thick impasto technique to be accomplished in a short amount of time, which is a manner I sometimes employ. Within the realm of representational work my most common theme is that of a landscape. In this general area I sometimes choose just straight scenery for my compositions, but in many cases the landscape becomes merely a prop or structural device for the part of the painting which is of principal interest. Such has been one treatment of my dragonfly paintings where the focus is centered on them, rather than a landscape with dragonflies in it. For me there is a duality in my endeavor, each part having equal importance. One, is the search for technical improvement and the extension of my skills as a painter and as an artist to construct images which are whole and complete entities, and the other is, to create images for myself which spark remembrances of special things which I have experienced, which become like time capsules returning the feeling along with the visual imprint of that state of consciousness.


Eugene Harwick

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Spring 1974

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Thesis - campus only access


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