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The primary intention of this study was to investigate and determine the concepts of the presidents of the boards in one-hundred elected unified school districts in Kansas regarding their priorities of competencies that they seek in their evaluation and selection of a superintendent. The secondary intention was to research the relationship between these concepts and the characteristics of the presidents of the board who hold them. Characteristics such as age, sex, education, board experience, size of district, and student enrollment in each school were weighed. A related problem was to make a comparison of this study with the study by Harvey S. Loy titled “A Study of Priorities of Competencies in Educational Administration as Perceived by Superintendents of Unified School Districts in Kansas”. ..... In the process of making recommendations, this researcher recommends that a similar study should be made of the perceptions of principals and of classroom teachers as to the priorities of competencies which they perceive superintendents should possess. This should be done not only in Kansas but in other states, because Fort Hays Kansas State College, under the direction of Dr. LaVier L. Staven of the Education Department, has opened up a new political area of the superintendency from this type of research and the results of these studies. An evaluation should be made by the colleges, universities, and the Kansas State Department in the requirements of the Administrators Certificate. New courses should be developed to help prepare the superintendent as brought out in this research. An evaluation procedure and a format for boards of education should be developed in evaluating and the hiring of a superintendent. Better use of the experience of superintendents should be used at the college level and a training program developed for superintendents.


Dr. LaVier L. Staven

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Spring 1973

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Thesis - campus only access


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