Master's Theses

Document Type

Thesis - campus only access

Date of Award

Spring 1971

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Economics, Finance, & Accounting


Dr. Milburn Little


The purpose for which this study was designed was to present a useful aid to those prospective business teachers who would be considering a teaching position at a Kansas or Oklahoma Junior College. It was the intent of the study to give needed information in the areas which were directly related to the business teacher. With this purpose in mind, the study was then refined to explore the areas of school administration, available facilities, student bodies, business curriculums, and faculty composition. By supplying pertinent information to the prospective business teacher about each of these areas, it was felt that the study would be a useful tool to the individual considering a Kansas or Oklahoma junior college teaching position. The writer feels that sufficient information about the areas relating to the junior college business teacher at a Kansas or Oklahoma junior college has been uncovered by the study and recorded in such a way as to accomplish the purpose for which the study was intended.


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Copyright 1971 Kenneth Alan Fine

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