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Spring 1971

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Master of Arts (MA)




Jim Hinkhouse


As an artist, my work has been my research, and, as with the majority of artists, my specific viewpoints are best substantiated by said projects. My work can best be catagorized as falling into two general areas; that of social commentary and personal enjoyment. In retrospect, I feel the area of social commentary has been more beneficial to me as an artist and personality. The area of personal enjoyment has also been beneficial, but moreso in the sense of creating a “resting period” for the more complex thinking required during the social commentary period. Thoughts tend to become more organized during retrospective thinking, and I now wonder if the two periods are not dependent upon one another, much as a simple stimuli-response situation. The fact remains, however, that one period necessiated the other, and vice-versa.


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Copyright 1971 Earl W. Shira

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