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Master of Arts (MA)


When I began work on my thesis project the forms I was using were generally large, open, vase-like, thrown forms with added skab sections. These seemed to work well for what they were but I was interested in trying to obtain a form that would be more personally expressive. At this point I began to add a more organic type of foot structure to the forms at the time I closed them. The footed structure became more important to me, and I began to draw from the organic clay-like qualities a figurative character that was quite pleasing. As I worked with these organic growth-like qualities of the hand-formed feet, I began to explore the possibilities of multiple forms. These also proved to be quite intriguing. The foot idea finally developed to a point where I made actual casts of human feet and used them with the thrown forms. The use of the multiple forms presents an interesting means of visually balancing positive and negative shapes. These pieces tend to have an added excitement in that when one form is related to another a sort of visual, and perhaps emotional, tension is built up.


Darrell McGinnis

Date of Award

Summer 1972

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Thesis - campus only access


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