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Master of Science (MS)


This experiment compared the separate effects of relaxation, E presence, and E absence in producing a calming effect in a hyperactive child. An apparently physically normal and intellectually gifted, Wise I.Q. 140, six year old male was instructed to complete seatwork activity sheets during three 10-minute intervals while a tape recording of kindergarten classroom noises played continuously. The experiment was divided into three phases: baseline measures taken with the E present in the experimental setting, experimental treatment sessions, and baseline measures taken with the E absent from the experimental setting. A calming effect, as measured by degrees of hyperact1ve behavior (sitting time and "starts and stops”) and productivity (number of successful task completions) was revealed by marked differences among the three phases of the experiment in all recorded behaviors. Behavioral measures of hyperactive behavior were the greatest and productivity the least during experimental treatment sessions which involved training in relaxation. The greatest calming effect appeared when the E was absent from the experimental setting.


James Ryabik

Date of Award

Fall 1972

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Thesis - campus only access


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