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Economics, Finance, & Accounting

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Master of Science (MS)


The majority of business executives have little idea of how they make their decisions. Therefore, this study was made for the purpose of suggesting improvements in making effective executive decisions. SUMMARY AND FINDINGS: The main characteristic of the service of a business executive is to represent a specialization of the process of making organizational decisions. In essence, his function is to make effective decisions. This study was made to examine the process of decision-making within the framework of a logical, rational approach. It enables an executive to visualize his activities in an objective way. By using this logic, quite complex problems can be resolved. It was recommended that the executive should not only have to learn the decision-making process instinctively, but he should also recognize the environmental factors involved in his decision-making. It was also recommended that the executive should be aware of his personal bias which may create an indirect impact on his decisions and prevent him from making a sound decision.


Dr. Milburn Little

Date of Award

Spring 1970

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Thesis - campus only access


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