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Master of Arts (MA)


The purpose of this thesis has been to explore different techniques and materials which can be used to create an illusive vision. For the most part, I tried to stay within the same frame work as other conventional artists. Although my canvases seem to differ a great deal from most, they do incorporate basically the same materials as other canvases, that is - the stretcher strips and canvas. I attempted to use them in untried ways which gave the final product new dimensions. While exploring the typical stretched canvases, it was my opinion that the surfaces could be changed within this basic frame by simply employing the use of the other three sides of the stretcher strips. This was achieved by pulling part of the canvas beneath the frame instead of over it. What resulted was an irregular surface that formed the receded depth of the frame which gradually disappears into the regular surface. So before I started to paint the canvas, I had the advantage of an illusive surface which picked up light sources and cast shadows as a result of the differences in planes.


Eugene Harwick

Date of Award

Summer 1970

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Thesis - campus only access


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